seed logo

Generative Logo: Seed Media Group

Stefan Sagmeister, Matthias Ernstberger, Richard The

Generative logo using a custom web-based software with ready-to-print vector export.

Seed Media group is a scientific publisher of magazines, books and films. As we worked on the identity it became clear that the end result should constitute a visualization of science and media. Science is culture, it surrounds us, it is part of everything we do. We were looking for something open ended and flexible, a vessel we could fill with new meanings as they developed.
Formally the identity is based on phyllotaxis, a form found everywhere from Seashells to Greek architecture, from pineapples to the Sydney opera house, horns of Gazelles to the optimum curve a highway turns.
Looking at the world through this scientific lens of the phyllotaxis, we developed an identity like a chameleon, it always takes on the form of the medium it is put on. So for example on the business cards it shows a version of the portrait of the bearer or in the logo in the magazine has the colors of the months cover.

As the logo has to be changing whenever it is applied we build a web-based logo generator. You can upload an image, the colors are analyzed and a vector, ready-to-print file is exported.

Art Direction & Design:
Stefan Sagmeister, Matthias Ernstberger